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Welcome at LTM Labortechnik Morgret

your competent partner for fusion machines
i.a. for Autofluxer® and Schoeps (AAG, USG-Series)
Benefit of our advantages:
* we engage in prompt reactions to your problems
* our solutions are flexible, quick and smart
* each problem demands an indiviual service that we are proud to provide

Check out of our offers and do not hesitate to contact us.

Notice 02/2018 +++++ Tutorial: How to handle an Autofluxer®

Notice 12/2016 +++++ extra equipment +++++

k-AFX_Box_Flight_Case (6).JPG  

LTM AFX-Transportkoffer

k-AFX_Box_Flight_Case (12).JPG  

Flightcase for Autofluxer   

Transport box
for professional and quick packing of your fusion machine:
e.g. useful as dispatch for preventive maintenance or repair and storage

For further information, click here.
 sketch: LTM AFX-Transportkoffer    

Notice 12/2014 +++++ Service for Schoeps +++++

The spare parts of the Schoeps-series are out of stock from January 2015. For further question, feel free to contact us.

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