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Listed Extra Equipment

Below you find a excerpt of available extra equipment. If you need anything in addition, let us know. We are looking forward for any new ideas to improve.


Protection case for fusion machines

* size: 60cm x 70cm x 120cm, other available on request
* frame construction - aluminium
* side facing - securit glas. Protects up to 200°C
* back facing - high pressure laminate
* revolving door - securit glas. High 90cm
* suction canal - stainless steel and inductor
Bader_Abzug_Bruker_.jpg ltm-schutzhaube-1.jpg ltm-haube-d.jpg

LTM-Sonderartikel Floor Cupboard

Unterschrank_Abzug.jpg      Individual designed floor cupboard for a deaerated protection case + service panel

* surveillance for temperature
* airflow
* sensoring lacks in cabels
* gas leck control & acknowledger
* on-off switch for air circulation with
  floating contact point

LTM AFX- transport case

Flightcase for Autofluxer

Transport box for professional and quick
packing of your fusion machine
Useful for
* dispatch
* preventive maintenance
* storage
* what else it may serve for
k-AFX_Box_Flight_Case (6).JPG
k-AFX_Box_Flight_Case (12).JPG


k-LTM-AFX-temp.jpg                      A handable temperature measuring device
* with S-Type thermo couple complete
* measurement interval up to 1600°C
* short reaction time

LTM Burner Base 1

Burner base with tubes + tube connector
* adjustable needle valves for air,
   oxygen & gas
* LTM AFX-141/26/35: burner 35mm
* LTM support frame: stand base
   rectangular with rod and bosshead
* crucible holder in different sizes with
   brass tube

*** available on request

LTM Gaspack Control Station

* on/off valves for fuel gas
* prefiltered air/water separator
* oxygen with pressure reducer 0-10 bar
* propane/LPG with pressure reducer
   0-100 mbar

*** at the moment not available

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